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Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Why dairy goats? 


Goat milk is delicious and versatile. Goats are more manageable than cows. 


Why Nigerian Dwarfs?

The milk of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats is high in butterfat and tasty to drink straight and to use in recipes. Ice cream made with milk from the Nigerian Dwarf is unparalleled. Nigerians are friendly and personable. They are excellent mothers. 

What's my goat herding philosophy?

I use a natural and herbal approach for my goats as much as possible, including herbal dewormers. All of my goat kids are dam raised unless there is the rare circumstance that requires me to bottle feed. I do supplement triplets and quads with a bottle as needed, but kids stay with dams for a minimum of 8 weeks, often longer. Does and bucks are registered with ADGA and have the potential of being registered with AGS and NDGA. Kids are disbudded. My herd has been on DHIR milk test for four years, which not only results in milk stars for their performance, but valuable information for herd management, particularly nutrition. 

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